Mechanical Process

For the process of making the product with required shape and the quality from the material, the processing technologies of a casting, a powder moulding, a plastic forming, cutting, and an electric processing, etc. are necessary. There are techniques such as the experiment and the computer simulation to evaluate the function and the reliability of the products. It is study of basic and applied processing technologies. And also, it is basic study of material science and mechanical matter of processed product such as structure, strength, and its reliability. We aim for the education and the research for the development of the manufacturing technology that can meet diversified social needs.

Thermal and Fluids Engineering

With conversion, transmission, and the storage technologies of heat and fluid energy, the contribution to global environmental issues and new fields such as the aerospace engineering is aimed at. The basic and applied education and research is provided by utilizing the computer simulation and advanced instrumentation technology.

Mechanical System

To evaluate each stage of design, control, analysis, and operation of a machine from system engineering viewpoint, and to plan rationally, the design engineering, machine element, mechatronics, mechanism and movement analysis, phenomenon analysis, control engineering, information engineering, basic and advanced studies of human engineering, evaluation technology concerning the performance, reliability, and the environment are integrated to enhance creativity.

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